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This is my blog that I started about a year ago to put some of my thoughts down into writing and to gain more experience in what I love to do. Also, I knew that about a year from then I was going to be using it as a reference for a job in this very website so it was also a foresighted investment.
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About Me:
Hello! Thanks for your time. I'm an upcoming writer who would like to step out of the mold and start a new adventure. I am semi-new in the world of writing although I have started a recreational blog out of my own initiative about a year ago for the purpose of gaining more knowledge and expertise of my passion. ( I love to write and discuss my thoughts in a professional way that encourages thinking and friendly debate. I'm currently enrolled at a community college and am majoring in journalism with some experience in photography and arts, which I immensely enjoy. Some of my other hobbies and likes include automotive topics, video-gaming, film, and philosophy.

Once again, thank you for your time and consideration.
Bradenton, Florida, United States