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About Me:
I'm a digital illustrator.
I do comics/graphic novels in the following genres:
Sci-fi (Space operas - epics, generation ship settings, futuristic ground (earth or otherwise) stories.
Reference titles: "Titan", "Ark" by Stephen Baxter
Post-appocalyptic a la Akira, Lucifer's Hammer, Mad-Max, The Book of Ely
Fantasy as in Game of Thrones
Modern political international intrigue with hightech elements lush settings and conspiracy theories kind of thing with a "world political leaders bankers and corporations go to bed together, have all the power and money and very dark and twisted agendas" kind of thing.
Freedom to interpret visually characters settings and props (cars, spaceships, cities, boats, planes, weapons and so forth)
I also do book covers.
For examples of my work...
Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil