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Here's a song I wrote called: A Tragedy Verse: She lives to tell the tale Of a love destined to fail She cried till there was no reason It took so much to keep from breathing Hand to chest, she felt her heart bleeding Fell to the floor, a piece of her was leaving Chorus: What a tragedy it is To be remembered like this He left behind more than a scar Reminiscing the death of who we are A grudge that can't be let go of And so it results in the blindness of love Verse: She severs the ties Nothing more to compromise Hanging onto helplessness has left her numb Felt like a prison, nowhere to run It all fell apart, all came undone She put up a fight but she sees what he's become Chorus Bridge: So tragic, can't even whisper Words that tell the story's gone bitter Every touch has gone cold Like a death grip, I feel your hold Love has turned into fear I'm so afraid to expose any tear Chorus 2x's
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Carey Rupp - Over 30 days ago
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About Me:
My name is Carey and I am 21 years old. I guess I'd be considered an amateur writer because I have no schooling experience. But I believe that college is not for everyone it gives my writing a more free outlook. I am a very creative person I'm very passionate about creativity, it's what makes a person an indivitual. I love to write songs the most because I love music and the words just flow like poetry straight from the heart in a song. I love writing in general, I'm just looking for someone to give my raw talent a chance, I would not disappoint I promise. I have a novel finished but just waiting for the opportunity to get it published.

Here are some songs I have written cos I can't upload them...
This one's called:
Trail of Tears
Verse: I dare you to use your heart
May hurt alittle...
Buffalo, New York, United States