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About Me:
My name is Buzz Koffman; I live and work in Toronto. I began editing many years ago when I worked as a volunteer for Rogers Cable community programming. I was producing my own ENG-style short reports, and taught myself how to edit these, using 3/4" tapes. The Amiga and Chyron machines were "de rigeur" at the time. Editing has evolved over the years, and so has my experience.
Currently, I operate from home on a PC I built solely for the purpose of HD editing. I use Adobe Master Suite CS5, with a focus on Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. I am also teaching myself how to use Cinema 4D to literally make limitless what I can create.
Although still relatively new at this (I've been editing full-time for a year now), I already have a few well-received projects to my name....
Toronto, Ontario, Canada