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Said "Lovely stuff Button - get some more up there; would love to see it! :-)" to Button-
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Said "Kudos for the talented Button from down under! You have a ton of experience, creativity and insight, keep going, don't stop!!!" to Button-
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aussie hiphop based song
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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
This is very deep and beautiful you Aussie hiphopper! Cool about the devil spelling lived in reverse! Love the sensitivity!
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Image description not provided
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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Very adorable and sweet!
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johnny depp as Jack Sparrow
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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Nice job on the guy we all love!
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BIG/ biggie smalls
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Said "finally beginning to type my many messy songs from draft form into read-able organized documents. Gotz a long way to go yet =) have close to 270 drafts here yayya! Go hard or go home is what they say... i live those words in every way!!! its my first day on here so forgive my krazy excitment but what a Mad Site! Grouse Idea indeed...........button"
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About Me:
Hi there! Mikayla's the name writing's the game I'm 22yrs young.
I've written poetry since i learnt to write: now Aussie-hiphop, hiphop based songs plus songs of absolutly every style invented!!
previous jobs from 14yrs old include- Primary school child career, apprentice landscaper, restaurant menu illustration/painting, functions/ waitressing, welding, factory hand & some acting/modelling, i'm self taught on piano, harmonica, drums, and learnt basic DJ-ing on a mates DJX-decks last year, unexpectedly loved DJing. A whole new part of music i'd never given time to or explored.
I've lived in over 11suburbs of beautiful 'Burncity' on the homeless-side of streetlife is where I
grew up from 16 until i turned 21- but I made the absolute best of it: even-though at the best of times it was...
melbourne, Victoria, Australia