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The oldest church in the village of Ripley had an unexpected problem when it was discovered several support beams in the 1860s-era building had developed severe cracks. Unfortunately, the congregation could not do much about the problem - at least not until the mating season for bats ended. Written for the Sunday News Democrat 7/31.
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Bryan Peck - Added portfolio item
An interview with World War II veteran Gene Rau, who celebrated his 100th birthday in 2011. Rau was drafted at about 10 years older than everyone else, and was in more dangerous military maneuvers and situations than anyone else I've talked to. Written for the Fall 2009 In Your Prime section of the News Democrat, but remains one of my favorite pieces.
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Bryan Peck - Added portfolio item
Written for the News Democrat Sunday 7/31/2011. The US Postal Service released information of over 3,000 post offices under evaluation. Most news sources reported these post offices would be definitely closing. One local office in Decatur was on the list, which made many people nervous following the announcement of another local location.
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I'm a long time creative writer who has also been working in the newspaper industry as a reporter and associate editor. Feature stories were my forte while at the newspaper, and creatively I'm much better at fiction and comedy. I might try to get a book or two published one of these days.
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