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Brittny Reaves - Added portfolio item
This piece is an non-rhyming free verse poem, originally written for a poetry class. The assignment was to write on a family experience. What I like about this piece is the imagery I was able to display throughout it.
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Brittny Reaves - Added portfolio item
I consider this a personal experience poem...from a third person point of view. There is no strict structure to its form though it does contain a lot of exact and internal rhyme.
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About Me:
I specialize in various forms of creative writing. Most recently, I have been focusing most of my time and energy on writing poetry but I have plenty of experience in writing fiction (mainly short stories) and plays. I am currently an English Literature student in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. While I am proficient in academic writing, I am looking to put my creative skills to use.

I have also been noted for skill in proofreading and editing and would be willing and interested in doing work in this field as well.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States