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In 1964 the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark decision, in the case of the New York Times v. Sullivan, that was hailed as a tremendous victory for the news media. This decision changed the law of libel by introducing a fourth requirement of "actual malice" in addition to three previously accepted requirements--publication, identification, and defamation. In examining 18 similar cases, the theoretical perspective used in this paper is cybernetics, the study of regulation and control in systems, with emphasis on the nature of feedback. Analysis of these 18 court cases, as well as consideration of a previously conducted study, suggests that there is presently a pattern of increased caution and responsibility on the part of newspaper editors in response to negative court decisions. However, it does not appear that this caution has reached the point where it would constitute a "chilling effect."
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This book chronicles my experience being lost for three days and nights in Olympic National Park in running shorts with no food and limited water and no one knowing my whereabouts. It includes biographical material along with details of the search and rescue and my physical, mental and emotional recovery. It includes interviews, recollections and personal reflection as well as traditional and Internet research.
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Brian Gawley has been a daily and weekly newspaper reporter since 1989, working for the "Whitman County Gazette," "Columbia Basin Herald," "Grand Coulee Star," "Peninsula Daily News" and "Sequim Gazette." Gawley is a Washington State University Honors Program graduate with a bachelor's degree in communications and a national research paper award winner.

Gawley wrote a 164-page book about three days lost in Olympic National Park in running shorts with no food that included extensive personal interviews, review of public records and library/Internet research.
Seattle, Washington, United States