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My Van Goh. I painted this is 4.5 hours. I've always wanted to paint this painting. Just had to do it. It's more like a mural, it's on our cabinet's in our side hatch.
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About Me:
I am a massage therapist, reiki master and energy healer/shamaness. I really love what I do, although I feel that I need to expand from my typical group of people/clientelle/friends and reach more people. I feel writing is the best way. I love to write about the healing arts and would welcome any writing job associated with Healing Yourself.

Painting, sewing, crafting are also some of my other talents. I also have two separate mediums of cards ready to be looked at, one healing orientated, another more marketable in the everyday: to send a card to one you love. For anyone that is interested, please email me. Thank you!

Weimar, California, United States