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Brandon Serfozo - Added portfolio item
I created a blog in regard to Christian music for one of my classes. We were required to choose a topic that we were passionate about.
Over 30 days ago -
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Brandon Serfozo - Added portfolio item
This is a cd review I constructed that conferred information in regard to Mariah Carey's second holiday release, Merry Christmas II You. Enjoy!
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As a writer and composer, I sought after emblazoning the title of CEO after my name and began studying US Copyright Law to gain a thorough understanding in regard to intellectual property. I have written the melodies and lyrics to songs, blog entries, a cd review, and numerous other pieces. Writing and composing have always been strong qualities as my passion to enlighten through entertainment to foster the growth of others is resolute.

My experience with an array of software programs such as Microsoft® Office, Adobe Creative Suite 5, and Apple's iLife and iWork have excelled my career to the next level. I am certified as an expert in utilizing Microsoft® Word and as proficient in utilizing Microsoft® Excel. Clients and employers are confident in knowing that I am equipped to accomplish...
Pennsylvania, United States