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Said ""Hey. How are u? I just need to create a Simply game for Facebook. A game about a transportation system .easy to play due to it is just to complete out the routes and to solve some easy missions during the lap and other staff. If you are interested please let me know." to Bob Polaro
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Bob Polaro
201 Beachview Ave (831) 429-6888
Santa Cruz CA 95060


My career has spanned more than 34 years. I believe I can tackle any project assigned to me and complete it with full satisfaction. I'm one of the most prolific developers in the field having completed over 50 projects ranging from accounting applications to real time 3d game development. I have also released products that have sold in the millions (Atari Defender).
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AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Java, J2ME, C/C++, Assembly, Basic, HTML, PHP, Javascript - ) Santa Cruz, CA
Programmer / Game developer
I developed three apps for the Blackberry and Android smart phones. I...
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