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Bertha Maldonado - Added portfolio item
fashion model pencil
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Fashion Illustration portfolio item
Bertha Maldonado - Added portfolio item
A little fairy feeling the conection with the earth, beautiful world with exotic creatures looking at her. Pencil and charcoal.
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Fashion Illustration portfolio item
Darshan - Over 30 days ago
very naice drawing
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Fashion Illustration
About Me:
I believe in providing the highest quality creative work to my clients, I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for the last 3 years, Im going through my last year of fashion and textile design majoring in fashion illustration, there for I’m involved in the fashion industry I have experience in fashion and worked in the creative area in publicity, I have a fascination for the human form, and ability to understand and the specific needs of a project, the strong impact of my unique style make me a very reliable resource in the graphic, artistic and fashion industry.
I’m very passionate about my work and have a lot of fun doing it, achieving like this the best results with colorful ideas and variety of techniques that will make your project attractive, professional,...
Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador