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Music Production
About Me:
I am a universty student who is currently studying a BA HONS,
in my past i have made beats and music for music liecening twice, tv and film and rappers
i currently have over 50gb of sound and drums at my disopsal in the studio,
also another part of work i do is to write scripts for tv and film in the past i have finshed one tv and script and i'm currently writing a film script based on a book i have a team of people who help me out so in both area of music and film script writing i have got experiance i like to take new projects on as i like to be challaged with what i do and both music and scripts offer me that.
how ever i don't work hourly i work per project and i am open to highering and lower depending on what you would like me to do
Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom