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Said "Hello Benjamin . My Name is Andre . I would like to talk with U about having some design work done for my T-shirt line . You can contact me at 904-442-4335 or" to Benjamin Smith
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About Me:
I am a very creative and versatile minded individual. I have a wide vision of exclusive ideas when it comes to art and designs. My goal is to become a well named, well respected, worldwide clothing designer. I created my own clothing line in 1999 called Stylz Fashions, and I am currently still persuing my goal. I was in a local fashion show in 2001, which i displayed designs for men, women, and children. Im in the process of selling my own created designs as well as designing shirts for local businesses, and for individuals who has their own idea but does not know how to design and manufacture their idea. Even though my passion as a clothing designer is as stated, im also an artist, and a poet and I incorporate each of those talents with my designs which makes my work that much more...
Jacksonville, Florida, United States