Benjamin Ashley

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Fantasy Artist


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Karl Christoph Album cover
Over 30 days ago -
CD Design portfolio item
Benjamin Ashley - Added portfolio item
Life Drawing sketch from '09
Over 30 days ago -
Real Life Painting portfolio item
Benjamin Ashley - Added portfolio item
Snow White, tattooed in 2010 Tattoo By Benjamin Ashley
Over 30 days ago -
Tattoo Design portfolio item
Benjamin Ashley - Added portfolio item
A shirt i designed for a clothing label, Pete Vs Toby (Dingo)..
Over 30 days ago -
Horror Art portfolio item
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Children's Book Illustration
Fantasy Art
About Me:
male artist, lives in Paddington, Sydney
3 years experience in the tattoo world, although no longer tattooing, specialising in majority of styles including old school, japanese, pin-ups and more
High Commendation for Whitehouse Institute Of Fashion Design (Illustration)
Vast studies of the human anatomy to compliment skills such as life drawing Etc
Childrens illustrations
Storyboarding for potential clients, prodominantly for concept art
Experience in merch and CD design usually for metal bands which involve alot of gore and ******
Previous work involved alot of aerosol work and i have become quite font of this medium, although i am not a graffiti artist.

i am not awfully familiar with this site, although if there are any curiosities in respects to my work, i dont charge for...
Paddington, New South Wales, Australia