Banpreet Atwal

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & T-Shirt Designer


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Fashion Illustration
T-Shirt Design
About Me:
I’m a current high student looking for a full time job to earn money for college. I go to James Logan High School in Union City and am expected to graduate in 2018.

I’m a product designer and I improve things to fit our modern and overworked world. I like to create different products for different uses like toys, furniture, suitcases, coffee mugs, etc. I also have some experience in interior design which I enjoyed experimenting with. I like to keep a mix of things because I like to learn on new levels and develop my skills to create new things. I have taken 2 years of the STEM program offered at my school. At Logan, I was selected to receive the student of the year award from ROP Fremont. I have designed a bridge pedestrian bridge to solve the traffic problem at my school. (Screen...
Union City, California, United States