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Brittany - Added portfolio item
This is an animated music video project that I worked on back in 2009 and I am listed in the beginning credits. It was a fun and rewarding project. I animated a couple of characters, did some animation for 3 scenes, and worked on one of the backgrounds. Quote from the video description: "Preservation Hall Recordings is proud to present a brand-new, locally produced animated music video! Directed by Lafayette-based visual artist James Tancill, the music video for the Preservation Hall / King Britt remix of St. James Infirmary by the Preservation Hall Hot 4 is an animated romp in the style of Max Fleischer (Betty Boop, etc.) that plays out like a storybook caper set against a backdrop of beloved New Orleans characters and institutions both old and new. Audiences familiar with the iconography of New Orleans music and culture will thrill as characters and beloved landmarks from the past and present find new life in an animated tableau."
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Animation portfolio item
Brittany - Added portfolio item
These are some name tag designs I did for a meet up of a Anime and Gaming forum. They were done mainly in Adobe Illustrator and some Adobe Photoshop.
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Graphic Design portfolio item
Brittany - Added portfolio item
This is a drawing from an Advanced Drawing class while I attended school at Southeastern Louisiana University. Everything in here is draw traditionally, while I digitally repeated, flipped, and rotated the images to create a large grid meant for projection onto a wall. The images don't necessarily relate to each other, but they are representations of me in some way.
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Drawing portfolio item
Brittany - Added portfolio item
This is a digital drawing/painting from a gender studies class I took for my BFA at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It was made in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. It was based off of the Greek myth of the Abduction of Persephone and the recurring theme of abduction and ****. From my artist statement: "The issue at hand is that women are usually depicted as just giving into their captors, sometimes even suggesting that she may in the end like the fact that she’s going to be *****. Also, the act of the **** is never actually depicted, just the abduction part of it, so the viewer is left to their imagination as to what happens next, with ****** usually being assumed. The reason I’ve chosen the comic format was due to the humorous nature of the piece. Hopefully, anyone who looks at this will get a kick out of it and maybe a giggle. After all, that’s my main intention, second to the awareness of **** scenes in Greek art."
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Digital Art portfolio item
Brittany - Added portfolio item
This is my BFA Senior Thesis for my Visual Arts degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It's a short animation done in Adobe Flash CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS5, with hand painted backgrounds done with India inks and watercolors. My work represents the moment in life where the innocence of childhood is ripped away and you are forced to face the unknown and sometimes daunting world of adulthood.? ?It is often a time of loneliness,? ?desolation,? ?and uncertainty.? ?Like Dante in the dark forest described in the beginning of? ?The Divine Comedy,? ?there is a feeling of being lost and astray in the journey of life.? ?However,? ?it does not last forever and it is possible to get through the tough times.? ?The work speaks to perseverance,? ?hope,? ?and the instinctual ambition to thrive in life.? ?The beginning of a new journey with new obstacles continues.? ?There is never truly an? ?end--the? ?end is always the beginning.? ?That is the way of life.?
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About Me:
I am a recently graduated artist that focuses mostly in illustrations and some animation. I mostly do a mixture of traditional and digital work. I can range from a variety of styles, with a focus in anime, fantasy, and comic styled works. Please read below for my resume.

Mandeville High School - Mandeville, LA
Graduate, 2001-2005

Southeastern Louisiana University – Hammond, LA
Bachelor of Arts, transfer before graduation, 2005-2007
Major: Visual Arts
Concentration: Digital Art
University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Lafayette, LA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2008-2011
Major: Visual Arts
Concentration: Computer Animation

Honors and Awards
• Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Honors Award
• Dean's List, multiple semesters
• Awarded Southeastern Louisiana...
Lafayette, Louisiana, United States