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.So many questions left unanswered, So many words left unsaid. So many things I should have done, So many tears that I shead. I can't hold this back, my heart is breaking. I never really left, I'm yours for the taking! so, If you had one more chance, would you take it? If we tried really hard, would we make it? If I told you I loved you, Would you say you loved me too? If I Fall, lose it all, could I lean on you? So many things, that I wanna know. where would we be if I never let go? .
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About Me:
I am a very creative artist. I write poetry, stories, and plays. I also draw anime, and do a bit of photography and photo editing. I'm great at writing Lyrics as well. I would love to write for someone, and I can write about almost anything.
Hawthorne, Florida, United States