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Still Life Painting
About Me:
Hello, my name is Austin Xavier Amaya i am a artist living in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I'm very well known in my area for my more "out there" art
in other words i like to explore my imagination and give a bold statement in my viewers eyes.
The different mediums i usually work with are acrylic paint,oil paint, water color, oil pastels,charcoal,sketching pencils,and colored pencils. I also specialize in portraits, advertisement logos,cartoons,abstract,also if there is an idea for a picture a consumer has i can help bring it to life on canvas. I've been an experienced and established artist for 11 years.(p.s. attention to detail and emotion in my work is a key ingredient)

I'm a slightly less experienced creative writer I've been writing now for over 4 years.
I've explored into ghost...
Metairie, Louisiana, United States