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Network Security
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About Me:
? Site engineer Company Bin Laden Group, Saudi Arabia
Section(BT applied technology).
From 20-6-2009 to now
I manage the following systems:-
1- Fire alarm system
2- Sound system
3- Cctv system
4- Access door system
5- Tel& ip system
6- T.v system
7- Digital clock system
8- Nurse call system

? 3 months Direct representative of the company fox motion Banking Services.

? attending 3 Haj seasons with the World Islamic Odahi

? Season of Ramadan, a special projects.

? Understanding of English language proficiency in speaking and writing - very good.

? The possibility of development and renewal, and to break the daily routine of work.

? Ability in the art of persuasion to the customer to solve their problems.

? Love of work and the consolidation of the...
Saudi Arabia