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A Gothic Lolita design I made for my uncle's sister. She love black and red.
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About Me:
I have been drawing since I was very small (about 4 or 5) and got into manga-style art when I hit junior high. I like to sketch characters in advent garde fashion or Gothic Lolita styles. I've made a few commissions of elephants, various cat breeds (my favorite was the sphinx because of all the wrinkles!), and fanarts of anime/Homestuck characters, using several different manga styles. I'm a pencil-and-paper person, I find it easier and it keeps my fingers much busier than if I were to use a computer (but I may occasionally use photoshop on my sketches to make the colors more vibrant). Warning: I am a little socially awkward, if one has not yet noticed by now.
Roy, Utah, United States