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Said "My script is already registered with the writers guild awards#1767140 here's the first page-EXT. CABIN-NIGHT-ONTARIO, CANADA, 1975 ALPHONSE JAQUES and THREE MEN approach a lakeside cabin lit Alphonse looks at a bookshelf that contains a vast collection of books about black magic. Alphonse turns and looks to the men. ALPHONSE Burn this ungodly home to the ground. EXT. CABIN-NIGHT (CONT’D) Alphonse and the three men exit the cabin. They douse the cabin along with the ground around the front door, then take up position behind the cover of trees, waiting. ABRAHAM SKOZERY, 21, a muscular young man with a beard, arrives, paddling a large canoe. Abraham exits the canoe, pulls it part way up the bank and walks towards the cabin. The men waiting light the gasoline which quickly engulfs the cabin along with Abraham. The men run away as the cabin burns, looking at the scene behind them as they run. Abraham screams in agony as his flesh is engulfed in fire."
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Said "I will contact the screenwriter who responds to my updated post on my werewolf screen play or call me at 915-433-9919 or at Arthurpena"
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I’ve written a werewolf Crime drama/Horror film you may be interested in called “LOBO” My script is already registered with the writers guild awards#1767140 and hope you may be interested in this terrifying werewolf crime drama and who can create an in depth story and contact any producers or directors who maybe interested into making this a film I have here for you the full PDF script Thank You and enjoy.

Lobo - John Woodrow a 17-year old is framed for the ****** of his abusive father (a police officer) by a cult leader Abraham (a cursed werewolf) who's also a small town serial killer Werewolf. 5 years later FBI assigns a swat team to bring him in. Soon they're ambushed by Abraham and his werewolf followers. The body count rises until John and Abraham have their last battle....
El Paso, Texas, United States