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Said ". Race issues in this country don't stop at the door of indigenous Australians. Greeks, Italians, Slavs, Vietnamese....all have felt the sting of racist Australians. But no indigenous person should bow to being called a monkey, ******, boong etc those who voice these cruel words need jailing in the worst instances Players/Parents/Coaches/supporters telling referees/opponents they'll "smash them". Ugly racist calls come flying out of drunken mouths when the adrenalin gets pumping . Sport is a beautiful thing made ugly by lack of self control The issue of people such as Aboriginals, American Indians, Maoris is not that far removed from the Slaves of the American Negro. And the 40 million American negro descendants in the USA are in an ongoing struggle forequality. At one moment in time we all know that some will say something ugly in a racial way. If we are positive about it, and correct these misconceptions in school in the home..we will cut the racist individuals to a minimum."
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Relates to Australia and a man called Adam Goodes.
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Said "It's simple really. Dominate the Summer Team Sporting scene by incorporating every school and club in the country as "shareholders" in CA. Get a Talent Identification System which incorporates Test, ODI and T20 Internationals, Domestic Sheffield Shield, ODI and T20's, Australia A, State A Teams, State and International U'19's, Rotate the elite talent thru local, State and International Cricket Tournaments in Australia and overseas. Voila Simple right? Not a bit But CA knows that they can beat every other cricketing nation because they have which is the envy of the Anglo-Saxon world. Now I would submit that ALL other cricketing nations will be thinking, " Ahhh, I can copy Australia." But what's the point of just copying Australia will just refine it. The ICC Commissioners must create a World Cricket League in 3 forms of the game, home and away. The ICC must help all Member Nations to create City Based National Leagues in 3 forms of the game. Voila Now you can beat Australia."
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this is about Cricket, right? Are you saying cricket in Australia is the world's best?
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who are CA? Cricket Australia?
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The ICC are the International Cricket Council.
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2010-2015: Handle Property Group Sales Consultant under Peter Burke. On site sales of house and land, land, re-sales and apartment packages. Total familiarity with development process and start to finish staged management e.g. Procuring Overseas Investors, FIFO Investors etc.

2006-2010: Managed small consultancy, Australia Global Trading Pty Ltd, researching/procuring/sourcing of Iron Ore, Coal, Base Metals, Mining Companies for Australian and Global markets. Project consultations with Australia, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru. Managing Director-sole owner.

2003-2006: Sales...
Perth, Western Australia, Australia