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Said "I am a self employed businessman in need of a personal assistant to help me supervise and perform related duties as assigned. Detailed Job Description: Order processing, reviews, answering phone calls, ordering supplies, mailings, scanning and filing, along with arranging seminars and many other support duties. Ability to multi-task and prioritize a large number of tasks while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. Enthusiasm, initiative, a willingness to learn and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives is required. pay is $950 Per week" to Anquestory
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Anquestory - Over 30 days ago
Thank you for contacting me, but I am not the proper person for this job.
First, it is difficult to imagine many of the individual duties your assistant would perform being done anywhere but at your location, while I am 3,000 miles away from you.
Second, my specific skill set strongly argues against my relocating to any other state, much less California, though that skill set also puts me into a bit of a Catch-22. State and local law in Virginia does not require hiring someone with my skills to the same degree that other states do, so frequently I am not even approached, much less hired, in situations where using the services I provide would be wise.
Thus, if not for the fact one of my clients is McGuireWoodsLLC, among the largest law firms in Virginia, my clients would likely come exclusively either from those states where services I perform are required by law, where there are one or more than person(s) of interest last known/believed to be a resident of Virginia; where such persons were last known/believed to be a resident of an adjoining state, I have worked with the client who hires me previously, my reputation proceeds me as I have been in the business for over 40 years, or some combination of the above.
California happens to be a state where there is a greater demand for my services, and not simply because California is more populous, but I would have more competition, and many of them with skill sets more appropriate to Califonria than mine.
New York is another state where state law more often requires the services I perform, and happens to be from where almost half of my work originates.
If not for the fact that I have recently become primary caretaker for my mother, age 91, thus could not reasonably expect to have the flexibility in work schedule I would need, I might consider sharing the duties with one or more other persons, though without knowing more specifics about your business, I don't know how practical that would actually be.
If you have not already considered it, might I suggest a shared office service such a Regus?
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I am a forensic genealogist with more than 40 years experience, specializing in Virginia and West Virginia, working primarily with attorneys, but also with individuals and even governmental entities, to settle intestate estates, clear title to property, and on occasion to comply with zoning/use requirements. In the latter category, with Virginia Electric & Power v Richard F Tate et al., case Cl08000044-00, Wise County Circuit Court, Civil Division, dated 6 November 2008, my work both set a new legal precedent and allowed completion of the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center which had a budget of $1.8 billon. A further profile is available at
Richmond, Virginia, United States