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Anna Naveed - Added portfolio item Like Marilyn Monroe once said, “I restore myself when I am alone”… The best of me comes in huge chunks as soon as I part with the crowd... I am an irrational dreamer, with volumes full of capacity to do more. I am ME … highly impractical, just hope that it is not a crime! I have a stupid heart which is more like a pitcher full of passion… it pours out every now and then and in the reverse fashion pours out rage…Take life one day at a time and let myself loose at the mercy of fate..
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I am a 28 years old writer , poet , artist and photographer. I have worked freelance for different people/organizations as a painter , poet and writer. I love creating music out of normal words and brining out art within our daily lives . I've held seminars educating women and given lectures in third world countries on imprtance of skill development . I see oasis of poetry , sketches and photography in the dry land of technology , through my work .
Washington, United States