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I love art and i have found that a lot of children as well as adults do to, I have done quite a few shows in the midwest and i am wanting to try my hand at illustration, I draw from my imagination and not real life drawings take a look and get excited my colors are candy inspired.
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About Me:
Hi my name is Angela Perry I am a painter,
I started drawing in 2005 as a hobby with sharpies,colored pencils,and crayons, I have
since started painting my pieces.

Painting is not my full time job but it is what I love to do in my off time.

Honestly I never know how each piece is going to look when I begin I have made so many variations of flowers I cant remember them all.

There are two things one must know when purchasing one of my paintings:
I time stamp every piece, if it is in th a.m when i finish the piece I add a sun and if its p.m I add a moon and the time it was finished , also like to hide in my paintings a Styrofoam cup with a bendy straw , no matter how beautiful the world is there is still the trash.
saint louis, Missouri, United States