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Angela Davies - Added portfolio item
I did this painting in 2 days. The poetry echoes the woman.
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Barbara Stirrup - Over 30 days ago
Hello Angela, Did you check out my stuff? I see theres a job for someone to draw a new tattoo - did you see it - its on page one or two?
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About Me:
I am a 34 year old with many abilities. Song writer, poetry, short stories, singer, jingles, artist - and I'm wanting to apply my talents to further my artistic satisfaction.
My style is humurous and witty.
After surviving the Black Saturday firestorms I wanted to showcase my gifts but couldnt find the right avenue. I think this is it!
Alot of my artwork and poetry journals/short stories were destroyed in the firestorms, so I am having to rebuild my empire!! I write poetry easily, as it seems to drip from my pen to paper. I have had a poem published in a school journal in NZ and cant find it through lack of trying!
I write regularly.
I was a tattooist in NZ for a couple of years also. If you are looking for someone unique, try me- I can turn my hand to anything.

If you have any...
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia