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Allan - Over 30 days ago
Anel do u write scripts
Anel Hugo - Over 30 days ago
have done some script writing at varsity. very interested. ?
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About Me:

• 2012: January until present: Creative Writer for Rocket Internet / trading as Zando
• 2011: Internship – Creative Writing for Rocket Internet/Zando
• 2011: Writing Consultant at the Writing Laboratory of University of Stellenbosch
• 2011: Project Leader: Annual ATKV/Maties Serenading Festival

I perceive myself as a confident, hardworking, responsible, trustworthy, energetic and passionate person with good interpersonal skills and a great sense of humor. I enjoy a challenge and strive to make a success of everything I do. I am able to prioritize my work and I never miss a deadline. I have good organizational skills, and I am someone that sees the solution and not the problem. I am also someone who realizes that everything I just said will be said by someone...
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa