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Andrew Jagniecki - Added portfolio item
2011 "Art Prize" project. this is a large woodcut relief "key plate" used to make a woodcut print. It is three panels. I have made five complete prints of the triptych. I then painted the carving and used it as my entry for the competition. To the left of the plates is an example of the way it printed out. I only printed two of the small location section to show what it printed like due to the limited space. One of the small section prints will be shipped to a woodcut show in Kyoto, Japan, and the other is saved for another show in Krakow, Poland.
Over 30 days ago -
Art portfolio item
Bill Richards - Over 30 days ago
I really like how you did the white birch. Everything on these pieces are just excellent. Thanks for sharing
Andrew Jagniecki - Added portfolio item
landscape painting of a nearby farm in my area
Over 30 days ago -
Landscape Painting portfolio item
Christina Wilson - Over 30 days ago
Bill Richards - Over 30 days ago
Very well done.
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My studio training is in Printmaking, painting, drawing,sculpture, metal smith, wood working, and relief work. I have carved ornate patterns for foundry castings, large door appliques, fireplace mantel work, and turned tree trunks into sculpture work. I participate in Regional, National, and International Printmaking Competition shows, as well as painting and drawing shows. I have Gallery operation and sales experience. I also build sandblasted relief signs, and sandblast etched glass for architectural applications. I have a technical casting background with ferrous and nonferrous metals. I am a licensed builder experienced in all building trades practices including painting and decorating. I am also a certified construction trades teacher with 15 years of high school teaching experience.
Grand Haven, Michigan, United States