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Andrew Henke - Added portfolio item
This is the new logo I designed for them.
Over 30 days ago -
Logo Design portfolio item
Andrew Henke - Added portfolio item
This is the website I am currently finishing.
Over 30 days ago -
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My name is Andrew and I am looking to expand my expertise and knowledge onto the internet. I enjoy helping people and can handle pretty much any task thrown at me. I have always blown people away with my intelligence. In fact, my IQ was measured at 161 a couple of years ago, which is pretty incredible. Otherwise I am working as a lone IT specialist for a local insurance brokerage agency. I redid their website previously hosted on intuit (which is garbage if you ask me) and set up a decent CMS (content management system) for them that ended up saving them over 400 dollars a year. I then had about 600 personalized greeting cards sent out in the area to our demographic target promoting the company and the website. Next I am building a database to help organize their day to day business...
La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States