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About Me:
I have been writing sermon's, christian rap's, and poem's for awhile now! And I've got real good! and today I even wrote a mother's day poem here it is! Mother's are hard working, fast, & swift!
Mother's are truly a special gift!
Mother's are beautiful and caring!
Mother's alway's teach their kid's to say
nice things & the importance of sharing!
A Mother's love come's from the heart!
A Mother's love is so big
you couldn't fit it on a chart!
A Mother's love is so strong!
A Mother's love help's you move along!
Mother's work long hour's!
Mother's must have superpower's!
Mother's will sometime's out of love
clean your room!
Even when it look's like it's been
hit by a sonic boom!
A Mother's love is powerful it's true!
That's why Mother's will go out of
their way for you!
Dayton, Ohio, United States