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Patrick Siwik - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Best of luck Ana... =)" to Ana Starns, Ph.D.
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Ana Starns, Ph.D. - Over 30 days ago
Thank you.
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Said "Best of luck to you." to Ana Starns, Ph.D.
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Ana Starns, Ph.D. - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, John.
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Said "Helping a ghostwriting client wrap up his book for self publishing and book marketing."
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Rob Turnbull - Over 30 days ago
Yea mate, always a great feeling to finally wrap up a manuscript.
Ana Starns, Ph.D. - Over 30 days ago
I agree, Rob. Thank you for responding to that. I am new to Freelanced, so was surprised that someone even read my status line.
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About Me:
Our team of ghostwriters, editors, and beta readers can help turn your idea into a finished manuscript, quickly and affordably. We use collaborative process so you’ll play an integral role in the process, reviewing every word. When it’s complete, you can choose to have our publishing division go to work. At the end of the process, it will be your name on the spine of a well-written, published book.

Who Uses a Ghostwriter Service?
Our clients are just like you. They are men and women who have a great idea, but just simply don’t have the time or expertise to put their ideas and thoughts on paper.
Gabriel hired a ghostwriter since he wasn’t sure how to write a memoir. The book was important to him because he had suffered through traumatic events and he felt no one really knew the truth...
Providence, North Carolina, United States