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For four years I've been creating a story for my future comic book, but for now I am testing all characters and see what's the best. This character is a little different from the rest and I've been desperatly trying to make it perfect. This creature is one from the past called Erina that was obligated to serve the angels in order to survive after all her familie was almost killed and sacrificed; she had to give herself completly and share her power with the angels. In the future (the now present) the Erinas don't have big, beautiful, fluffy and hairy ears anymore, neither they have their bodies painted, white skin, or the dark eyes, they turned into normal women that the only thing that differentiates them from human women was that they continue to be perfect and pure (although they continue to be very powerful). Before the end of the world, her only daughter will born and bring back all the memories that were lost. Well, this is very summarized but hope you can like it.
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I am probably someone ordinary that for now can't make dreams came true. But I'm not that negative, I really wish to succeed. My principal objective right now is to be a comic artist, but even so I would love to illustrate books. I've always enjoyed writing, poems, texts and long texts, but I always felt that I didn't express myself very well.
I want to become someone capable to do what I exactly imagine, because I always had an enormous imagination, there were many times when I thought: "wow, how could I have imagined such a thing?!" and then when I try to draw it, sometimes the drawing looks different from what I imagined. Even so, when I get to work in something I think I am capable of, I can fly and do something that I am really proud of.
As a comic artist I know I can't be rich, not...
Almada, Setubal, Portugal