Amy Samantha Parks

Freelance Telemarketer & Music Producer


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Music Production
About Me:
I am a fun, bubbly, 19 year old girl who loves to have a laugh and follow her dreams, I have purple red hair and I have brown eyes and love nothing more than singing my heart out wheather that means on stage, in the shower, in the middle of the street or the shop, anywhere really. I hope to think that one day people will see me as a role model and look up to me as a good singer and someone who can inspire them to now that they can try and do anything they want to if they stick at it and believe in themselves. I want to show everyone that it doesnt matter where your from, what you look like or if you have money or not it is about the person inside and who you want to be. I belive that everyone in the world is beautiful even if no-one else can see it everyone has a hidden beauty no matter...
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