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The video Still Life & Illustration which has a Total Running Time (TRT) of two minutes and twenty seconds (2:20) is a sampling of some of my photography which includes: still life collages, advanced digital imaging, photographic processes, studio work, advertising, chemographic images, line drawing, still life, illustration, internegatives, graphic art images, large format and Photoshop® filter work.
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Allan L. Hill - Added portfolio item
The video Photography by Allan Hill which has a Total Running Time (TRT) of five minutes and forty two seconds (5:42) is a sampling of some of my work. The presentation includes photojournalism, portraits and some environmental portraits, images of Hollywood and Los Angeles, California, plus some of the west coast and the northwest.
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Is it still safe? Well, is it? Is it still safe for citizens of a supposedly free country to discuss their unalienable rights in today's world? Crossing racial and gender lines the experimental and performative documentary "Unalienable" takes us into the lives of everyday people as they discuss how organic and living documents like our Constitution and the Bill or Rights relates to their lives and whether it has been for the better or worse. From its earliest beginnings to contemporary times social contracts around the globe has witnessed the best and yet the very worst of our humanity and our capacity to support dangerous and oppressive regimes. What say you, Yea or Nay? This film was inspired by Barack Obama's message of "from the bottom up." Yes we did, Yes we can, and yes, we will.
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Advertising Photography
About Me:

OBJECTIVE: Photographer / Photo Editor / Photo Assistant

EDUCATION: United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) 1973
MA State High school Diploma, Boston,MA 1974
AA Degree: Applied Photography, LACC L.A., CA 2004
BA Degree: The Evergreen State College, WA Cinema 2008

APPRENTICESHIP: Tom Rossi Photography 1986 - 1987
Jose Lojo 1980 - 1984

EXHIBITIONS: Los Angeles City College 2000

22nd Annual Seikyo Times Photo Exhibit 1992
Tokyo, Japan

Los Angeles Jazz Society 1991

Los Angeles City College 1986

Los Angeles County Fair 1985

AWARDS: Heal the Bay Photo Exhibition 1992
Santa Monica, California
1st. Place

Los Angeles Student Journalists Association 1986
2nd. Place, spot news.

Olympia, Washington, United States