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Said "Hey Allena. Do u have anything I can listen to?? :))" to Allena Hughes
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Emmanuel Carella - Over 30 days ago
Allena Hughes - Updated status
Said "working on lyrics and melody lines for some new RnB, Soul, Hip Hop and Pop songs. What a load! Nothing i can't handle ;)"
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Peter Madden - Over 30 days ago
Hi Allena
If you have anything on line I love to give it a listen
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About Me:
Hi :) I've been writing songs and singing them for more than 9 yrs. I work with a lot of artists working mainly on RnB, Rock, soul, country and reggae songs. I am very comfortable with song writing and work hard to get better at it. I have a few of my own songs I've been working on and are almost done. If you would like, I can send you some to have a listen.
And wondering about the pay. Can you explain that to me please.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia