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About Me:
Biography: Los Angeles born and Midwest raised, B. Alex Thompson is a comic book writer, screenwriter, letterer, and artist who has done work for Alias Enterprises, Approbation Comics, Arcana Studios, and Graphic Planet. Thompson is mostly known for his humor/horror title Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies which has over twenty-five issues released (and more to come).

Other titles/works include:
Amour – Creator/Writer – (Approbation Comics & Arcana Studios)
The Evil Inside – Creator/Writer – (Approbation Comics)
Lethal Instinct, Vol. 1: Full Moon Over Blackstone – Scripter – (Alias Enterprises & Arcana Studios)
Lethal Instinct, Vol. 2: Starchild – Writer – (Arcana Studios)
Bram Stoker’s The Mummy – Adaption/Scripter – (Graphic Planet)
ChiSai – Creator/Writer – (Approbation...
Los Angeles, California, United States