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Alexandre Stockler - Added portfolio item
This is my personal website. I am updating it, but basically it was done as one version of my electronic portfolio as final assignment for my web design program. The most important issue in this website is the usability and SEO technique.
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Graphic Design portfolio item
Alexandre Stockler - Added portfolio item
This is Artepixel on-line store that I am developing by using Zencart. I have changed the CSS for zencart and I am adding content, images, products and also managing all the procedures and process of e-commerce.
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Graphic Design portfolio item
Alexandre Stockler - Added portfolio item
Cris De Lara website is designed as a portfolio to show her jobs and working experience as illustrator, digital painter and pinup artist. I am responsible for its design, update and technical management.
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Website Design portfolio item
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About Me:
I am a web designer graduated by Niagara College, owner of Artepixel where I provide services for Illustrations, Digital Painting, Graphic/Web design.

At Artepixel I wok at the position Production Director and Sales. Basically I deal with clients and other third party artists, I am responsible for the project's management and follow up, I handle budgets, contracts, agreements, etc.
I also do the web design for Artepixel and Cris De Lara's website, I update the galleries and do the writing for tutorials and workshops.

I work with the pinup artist Cris De Lara developing pinups and other images (fan art, fantasy art, etc). Most of my tasks are concerned to research and digital painting support.

Cris De Lara is also Artepixel's owner and one of the best contemporary illustrator and...
Welland, Ontario, Canada