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A 3:15 Speech addressing the challenges facing the education system.
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My personal logo.
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This took just short of about 35 minutes using Microsoft Publisherâ„¢. All of the copy is original. (Well, naturally, not the ever popular phone number, but still...) I decided to base everything off the cruise ship image that MS provided with the template. Having had a few "Iceberg" moments, myself, I believe this to be quite a punchy flyer.
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About Me:
Hello, it's a real pleasure to have you consider me for your project.

I've been in sales and customer service my entire career, and it never fails that I am the one who gets called upon to spruce things up when the company needs a presentation, a difficult letter, a well-spun apology or a punchy graphic in a hurry.

In the late Nineties I was a reviewer for Ferrago Ltd, now I penned (how long before *that* word goes extinct) video games reviews online before everyone and their cousin found out it was a great way to get freebies.

I've written a great many items and responded to a wide variety of issues and have never once been corrected, or coached for my writing style, approach and delivery.

In the "Noughts" I worked freelance as graphic designer working on animated...
Kansas City, Kansas, United States