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Adam Jasper - Added portfolio item is the website I am currently creating. Though the design layout of the site is lacking (I'm working on it) the content is solid and appropriate for the audience in question.
Over 30 days ago -
Article Writing portfolio item
Adam Jasper - Added portfolio item Copy and paste the above link into your browser's address bar to read an article I wrote for Ezine Articles. This is the only article I wrote for Ezine Articles and won me Expert status. If you type in the phrase "Damaged Canadian Bills" you will see that this article has a number one ranking in Google, beating out the Bank of Canada's articles on the subject.
Over 30 days ago -
Article Writing portfolio item
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Adam’s the name and writing’s my game. Writing projects are special and unique, no two are the same. As such, I approach each project with my audience and the document medium in mind.

By analyzing my audience I understand how to approach them. Think of writing in the context of conversations in daily life. We speak differently to children then we do our doctors, parents, or co-workers. Upon seeing our audience, we formulate a mental image on the correct way to speak with them. I formulate a mental image of a target audience by listening to you and then performing an audience analysis to understand the writing style required. I think of myself as the audiences’ envoy.

A technical audience wants clear, concise information that is on topic and precise. Someone perusing a travel...
Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada