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Said "My condensed, 2nd-person version of a chapter from "Learning about figures in Japanese history from death-poems": Imagine this: you're handsome 24-year-old prince to the Emperor of Japan. You're accomplished in the literary and military arts, and you have high aspirations for life. However, a month after your father dies, the Empress, your step-mother, has you arrested under trumped-up charges and sentenced to death so her own son can assume the Imperial lineage. Within 48 hours you will be executed, and there's nothing you can do about it. You stand at the bank of a picturesque lake, a favorite place from childhood, and you write the following death-poem: I see a duck cry out, On Lake Iware today, A sad overcast"
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This is a small collection of translations I've done (on my own) within the past month as part of my independent studies and training. None of the sources, to my knowledge, have any English translations in existence and they are 100% original.
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I lived in Japan for 2 years studying Buddhism and Japanese. Highly proficient at Japanese to English Translation. I have worked for companies such as Noatex, selling industrial equipment to Japanese managers at the Toyota Tundra factory in San Antonio, TX and also the Houston branch of Kuroneko Yamato (Blackcat Yamato, essentially the UPS of Japan) doing residential and commercial moving services. Both jobs required proficiency in Japanese as well as developing specialized, technical vocabularies (in English and Japanese).
Flagstaff, Arizona, United States